“SC Psihoforworld” was established in April 2016 as a follow-up to the “Individual Psychology Cabinet David Anca” set up in 2012. The legal status change was made by expanding the psychological services within our organization, namely work and organizational psychology, clinical psychology, transport psychology, defense psychology and cultural heritage as a means of therapy.

Since 2012, we have been focusing on adult counseling services in the field of work psychology, with about seven years of experience in: professional guidance and counseling, recruiting and selecting staff for different organizations, designing training programs professional assessment, psychological evaluation of employees, achievement of the psychological profile of persons who want to occupy certain positions, elaboration of studies regarding personnel fluctuations and finding the related remedies.

For about five years we have collaborative relationships with clinics specialized in occupational medicine, both locally and regionally. Currently we have collaborative relationships with the Health Clinics “Health Plus” in Braila and Galati.

We had create projects on cultural heritage “Culture for my city” aimed to revive and reinvigorate the local traditions and cultural life of our city and region. Also, because we have extensive experience in working with people with disabilities, we have contributed to the development of communication and friendship relationships between students with disabilities and students without disabilities. Also through the participation of the Pro-Europe Roma Party Association, we have involved Roma children and young Roma people. Where we had contributed to the process of social integration and inclusion of children and young people with disabilities or other ethnicities. The members of the local community had the opportunity to discover the cultural riches of the minorities living in Braila.

Because in 2016 we have experienced a high number of socially disadvantaged beneficiaries, we have expanded our field of activity in the activities of integration and social inclusion of people with disabilities within the local community, so – according to the case studies – we have developed the following therapeutic programs:

* for children with disabilities (autism, mental retardation, Down syndrome and other illnesses) we have developed therapeutic recovery programs using modern, personalized methods for each child (ABA / PECS / Montessori technique / language therapy and behavioral therapy);

* To help develop the positive thinking of parents with children with disabilities and to stimulate the growth of their self-image, we constantly organize free parental counseling and group counseling sessions; we also facilitate and encourage collaboration and cooperation between parents and institutions / NGOs providing social services; for legal guidance and counseling we have a number of volunteers (lawyers) offering pro bono legal services to parents;

* As we have developed social recovery and social inclusion services, we currently have 85 volunteer parents with children with disabilities, both in urban and rural areas; we also have 250 young volunteers both with disabilities and without disabilities, thus developing cooperation and communication relationships.