Primary School of Skourochori The Primary School of Skourochori is located on the coast of Pyrgos, the capital city of Ileia. It is built in a plot donated by Theodoros Skouras who immigrated from Skourochori to the United States of America in the early 20th century and later became the founder and president of 20th Century Fox film studios. Our staff is constituted of 15 teachers including primary, English, musicians, ICT teachers, and physical education. In the past decade, our school has grown larger regarding the number of students attending-now reaching the number of a hundred students. Children from neighboring villages as well as a considerable number of students from underprivileged and vulnerable social groups now attend our school. This makes it quite a challenge to be a teacher in the primary school of skourochori, taking into consideration that the school lacks infrastructure and facilities. However, both teachers and students love our school and do our best to overcome the obstacles and achieve our goals for the future. Implementing this project we strongly believe that we will have the opportunity to give to our students that come from a disadvantaged background a warm and happy school environment where they have the chance to strengthen their self-esteem. Also, they will understand that school is the gate to a happy and successful life. Our aim is to increase their efforts into the school process and mainly to prevent early school leaving for these students.