Association Poantaa ( former association Bodi svetloba) is a non-governmental organization officially established in December 2017. It is a member of  Global Call To Action Against Poverty ( GCAP- as a member of GCAP Slovenia, a member of SLOGA, a platform of Slovenian non-governmental  development organizations ( , and a member  of the  Anna Lindh Foundation Mediterranean network (

Special Areas of Interest: global education including 17 sustainable development goals and development cooperation, cultural heritage projects ( ancient shared Roman heritage, heritage of non-European cultures), music projects, healthy living etc.
S kills and areas of expertise for cooperation:  school/educational projects of various kinds on various topics,  writing manuals on behalf of Sloga ( Official Development Assistance-ODA, About Global Call To Action Against Poverty, Organic agriculture in developing countries for development projects, Indigenous Peoples in Development Cooperation) volunteering for refugees, additional help to students with problems in studying, art and illustrations for books.

Association Poanta is led by  a chair Robin Dewa , a teacher by profession, who holds a Master Degree in History, active as a volunteer in the NGO sector since 2005. Robin Dewa was a member of the SLOGA Council, a coordinator of SLOGA’s working groups GCAP Slovenia and Food security and he participated at the global GCAP meetings in Beirut, Lebanon, Montevideo , Uruguay,and New York, the USA,  as well  as at the Greens Global congress in Dakar, Senegal.
 Robin Dewa participates and coordinates the work of Slovenian schools in Erasmus+Ka201 WATCH, Erasmus+Ka201 in Others’Shoes and Erasmus+Ka201 project SAFER.
Poanta  participates in Erasmus+Ka201 project Thinking Otherwise ( 2018-2021), Erasmus+training course Migration, Intercultural Learning and Dialogue in 2019 and as an associated partner organization in Erasmus+Ka205 Youth project My Social Role-Social Entrepreneurship in 2019.

Poantaa participated as Bodi svetloba in 2018 in European Make Europe Sustainable For All Project and collected information on Slovenian Official Development assistance ( ODA) for Concord Europe aid Watch Report for the year 2017.


Rožna dolina, Cesta V/2
Ljubljana, 1000