Bauhaus Café is a community pop-up Café and art collective. It is also a non-governmental organization that volunteers to lead positive changes in society. It is organised and delivered by a group of young creatives and entrepreneurial individuals of all disciplines, who work together to create high-quality educational and artistic opportunities for the most vulnerable and excluded residents of the county. We offer:

Accredited and vocational educational opportunities Volunteering and work opportunities
Local and international collaborations and exchanges Festivals (music, arts, dance and others)
Arts Conferences
Monthly events and exhibitions
Live music sessions introducing local young and newly formed bands or musicians

The aim of Bauhaus Café is to offer inclusive spaces in the community in which to meet, network, collaborate and produce work that is original, unique and uses local talent available. Our ethos is based on the values of creativity, connection and change, and the positive impact they can provide for both individuals and communities. We are volunteers with in-depth knowledge of the creative sector and the issues that we seek to address, specifically mental health, recovery, unemployment and social integration. We work with local creative young people to facilitate the creation of cultural projects, using music and the arts, which highlight and address social issues that affect children and young people (YP) locally (eg mental health, homelessness, Isolation, unemployment, lack of opportunity, lack of services), and offer work and volunteering opportunities. We work in collaboration with local schools and colleges, organisations and groups, working with YP with mental health issues. We offer a holistic approach to our work that results in improved overall mental health based on our participants’ perception of their own mental well-being.

Within our activities, we promote and apply principles of volunteering, social inclusion, equality in human dignity, participation and empowerment of minorities, active initiatives, non-formal education and informal learning, within young people and as well with an adult. Especially we work on the promotion equality among young people, refugees and human rights. We especially focus on a broad range of refugee’s issues, including economic justice, pay equity, racial discrimination, and social inclusion, breaking stereotypes and taboos, reproductive rights and justice, integration, representation of human rights in media and global human rights identity issues. We promote race equality mainstreaming in all the project which w participate and we give equal perspective to them.

Bauhaus Café is also promoting projects and partnerships that deliver digital art skills training and artistic development among young and elderly or those skills necessary for innovation.

Bauhaus Café has different types of activities that are related to spreading peace, building understanding bridges between different cultures, working for breaking the stereotypes that affect the mutual concepts between countries, supporting human rights and development, and raising awareness about the importance of opening dialogue among different school of thoughts.

Specific objectives are the exchange of ideas and knowledge between European countries, intercultural contact, protection of the environment, Arts, Sports, and healthy life, harmonious coexistence and cooperation of education and business institutions, the promotion of volunteering and the implementation of original and innovative social-educational and cultural programs.

Bauhaus Café supports the integration with the European Union, foreign cultures, and encourages intercultural dialogue, understanding and kindness.


Bauhaus Cafe CIC, Ashford, Kent, UK