BAKYARD is a non-profit organization devoted to the inclusion of youth and educators from a wide array of socio-economic backgrounds enabling them to become front-runners in civil society insusceptible to any and all animosity towards concurrent societal adversity.

BAKYARD also aims to increase the awareness of young people about the preservation of cultural heritage, let them take all aspects of cultural heritage, identify the mistakes in the protection of cultural heritage, to give young people the opportunity to learn the cultural heritage with universal values, to revitalize the cultural elements that have been forgotten, by bringing together people from different cultures. BAKYARD aims to emphasize the need to respect the culture, to provide information on the preservation.

BAKYARD has different types of activities that are related to spreading peace, building understanding bridges between different cultures, working for breaking the stereotypes that affect the mutual concepts between countries, supporting human rights and
development, and raising awareness about the importance of opening dialogue among different schools of thought.

Specific objectives are the exchange of ideas and knowledge between European countries, intercultural contact, protection of the environment, harmonious coexistence and cooperation of education and business institutions, the promotion of volunteering and the
implementation of original and innovative social-educational and cultural programs.
BAKYARD supports the integration with the European Union. Foreign cultures and encourages intercultural dialogue and understanding and kindness.