The Trans-national meeting was held in Pyrgos, Greece in October 2021.

The aim of the meeting was to get to know each other better, understand the motivation of partner participants to make this project a success, how to proceed with the project, how to work with schoolchildren to promote cultural knowledge and highlight the importance of cultures near or far.

As part of the meeting, a visit to Olympia was organised and a Greek meal was shared by all.

The program implemented at the event was as follows;

18th October: Arrival of the participants

  • 19th October: 10:00 a.m.; Meeting of the partners, topic: Intellectual output-materials development
  • – review of the activities performed for the O1
  • – detailed planning of the activities for the O1 and feedback from the output coordinator
  • – definition of intermediate and final deadlines for O1
  • – implementation of the brief workshop (4 hours) about Cultural Heritage in Greece
  • – review of performance indicators of Management, Dissemination, Quality, and Risk plans and related templates
  • – brainstorming for the optimization strategies related to an improvement of performance indicator
  • – analysis of performance and optimization strategy for the official website and social media page of the project
  • – Reviewing and improving communication and dissemination strategies in the project life cycle
  • – Evaluation and discussion of feedback

20th Excursion to Ancient Olympia and dinner at Katakolo the city port of Pyrgos

2th October: Departure