Before the conference two days of activities took place at Evrenosbey secondary school in Sarkoy in collaboration with Nefize Handan Gulkan the head of the school, Musab Onen, PE teacher and Erasmus facilitator, and the teachers (Aslı Saygı, ELT Emre Kocak, ELT Çakır Taçyıldız – Social Studies. Barbaros Ağcagil – Science. Serhat Sakarya – Tecnology and design. İlker Surucu – PE. Berkay Odabas – Special education. Figen Aydin- Social studies. Nergis Saygin Topcu – Maths. Yeşim Soylu Kocak, ELT Burcu Akman – Maths. Remziye Doluca – Turkish Language And Literacy. We are grateful for their efforts and collaboration and we look forward to our next visit. The school was donated some sports equipment as a show of gratitude.

The visits aimed to spread awareness of our project, as well as Erasmus Plus opportunities among teachers and staff. We discussed with the young people the importance of studying history is and visiting ancient sites to learn about their culture and heritage.