The Multiplier Event took place in the form of a conference at the Sarkoy Public Education Centre Conference Hall in Sarkoy, Turkey, on 23rd September 2022. The activity was part of our Intellectual Output for the project funded by the UK National Agency and Erasmus+- Education for Ancient Cultural Heritage. Over two hundred and fifty people attended the project.

In this event, which was organized to introduce the subject of the project, the work done and the intellectual output, the project was handled as a whole and designed with direct contact with the educators and students. Before the event, school visits were organized and the Regional Education Directorate, District Governorship and The Mayor of the city were visited, and necessary information was provided. Furthermore, stakeholder organizations were invited and it was aimed to spread the outputs of the project to a wider audience with a domino effect. Not only educators and learners were invited, but also public Education Center Learners, aiming to implement all institutions related to education in an inclusive way. We organised warm-up exercises and educational games for the learners participating in the activity, so that the event was not boring for the children. In addition, an educational section about the promotion of Erasmus+ programs and project management was included in the event for managers representing education at all levels. In this way, the future initiatives of all stakeholder institutions with the Erasmus project were encouraged and necessary guidance was given.

One of the main themes of our event was on the introduction of the Booklet we have already produced. Each partner organization manager not only introduced the book in English, but also in their mother tongue. In addition, the book was translated into the languages ​​of the partner countries and physically presented to the participants at the event. In addition, a PDF version of the book is available for download free of charge on the project’s website, and has been prepared for each relevant stakeholder.

During the event, we invited a local folk dance group – Sarkoy Public Education Centre Folklore Team – to show some local dances to our guests. You can watch a video of a full dance HERE.

The local media was also present and we are grateful for the kind articles which were published in the local newspapers.